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Rent Grid serves every aspect of lease management capturing
all the essential information across the rental life cycle management.

Rent Grid brings all the financial modules’ standard features together and records each financial transaction from the lease management. When you record all other financial transactions accurately, such as vendor bills, payroll, assets, depreciation, etc., – either by using your internal resources or with the help of rent grid managed services – you are building valuable information assets which can be used for critical management decision making on rental income and returns.

Rent Grid records the budgets and estimates at property level, and monthly at GL expense level. Combining actual information with budgets provides deep insight into the efficiency of operations, and also reveals how well the business is functioning. Budgets are a true means of measuring and initiating cost control, and cost reduction strategies.

The investment return and analysis is not just a typical financial report like sales, expenses, profit and loss, balance sheet, etc. The traditional information reports available in QuickBooks – or other routine accounting systems that do not have any operational performance and information – are difficult to integrate with the rental business.

The accountant, with Rentgrid, can build dynamic reports combining the operational information from lease management and general ledger. The reports are comprehensive and serve all the information needs of CFO/CEOs/Landlords.

Furthermore, they provide key inputs on cash on cash return, debt service ratio, rent multiplier, rental income per square foot, and cash available for investors. This information can be better served having an expectation at the time of buying property and continuously monitoring and benchmarking the actual returns with the expected returns.

The Rentgrid reports are intuitive, using the real estate industry specific terms, and are easily comprehensible with graphic displays. The reports can be either available for the user to run on demand with drilldown ability to view specific transactions, or it can be a batch scheduled job reducing manual effort.

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