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Rent Grid serves every aspect of lease management
capturing all the essential information across the rental life cycle management.


Are you a Landlord


The current pandemic COVID-19 taught us the lessons we never prepared and placed nearly 2.3 Million small businesses (22% of the small businesses) without the hope of reopening and forced us to adopt new norms of social distancing. As a landlord with heavy mortgages and installments due, you need to be ahead of the curve.

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Are you a Property Manager


The life of a Property manager is obsessed with routine tasks and firefighting with upkeeping of daily activities of listing the Rental unit, advertise and attract tenants, attend calls, track results, schedule visits, answer prospective tenants apprehensions, follow-up with prospects, negotiate and communicate rental pricing , gather information.

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Are you a Tenant


As a tenant, you deserve the best from the property and rental unit you leased, however with old infrastructure in place, more often, you get into issues with your sink or washroom. Some problems, we may not be technical to explain over the phone and requires handyman’s personal visit, which you need to accommodate within your busy schedule.

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Are you an Accountant


Rent Grid brings all the financial modules’ standard features together and records each financial transaction from the lease management. When you record all other financial transactions accurately, such as vendor bills, payroll, assets, depreciation, etc., – either by using your internal resources or with the help of rent grid managed services

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Rbooks is an integrated property management software that automates all laborious tasks in rental operations and financial management, and serve the needs of Landlords, Investors, property managers and accounts alike.